Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes

cryoplateable-hepatocytes Hepatocytes from BioreclamationIVT are cryopreserved the same day they are isolated, and come with full serology reporting for your safety. Cryoplateable human hepatocytes are used for long term studies (≥4 hours) like induction, toxicity, and transport. More recently, scientists also have been using cryoplateable hepatocytes to study transporter uptake, viral transduction and gene induction. 

BioreclamationIVT cryoplateable human hepatocytes have high levels of induction following treatment with known inducers omeprazole (CYP1A2), phenobarbital (CYP2B6), and rifampin (CYP3A4). All plateable lots have greater than 70% viability and greater than 70% confluence on day 5. Cells are also treated with CDFDA fluorescent dye to show bile caniculi formation.

Cryoplateable human hepatocytes exhibiting >70% Confluence on Day 5

Cryoplateable human hepatocytes with CDFDA staining to illustrate bile caniculi formation.