LiverPool™ Pooled Human Hepatocytes

Liverpool-hepatocytesOur best-selling, patented LiverPool™ pooled human hepatocytes are designed exclusively by BioreclamationIVT to have the characterization, quality and viability you need for your research. Read our scientific poster on how we developed LiverPool using a predictive algorithm to target specific metabolic activity.

To produce LiverPool, all incoming donor tissue and combined lots are characterized using our proprietary algorithm. The hepatocytes are derived from only high-quality, non-transplantable liver tissue from fresh, whole livers. Their viability is greater than 80% and the cells exhibit both phase I and II enzyme activities.

Order any of our standard pooled samples, or we can custom-blend donor lots from the world's largest cryopreserved hepatocytes inventory to meet your exact specifications. To customize a LiverPool human hepatocyte lot for your research fill out the Request a Quote form.