Hepatocytes provide a valuable alternative to in vivo testing. Since these cells mimic the properties of the liver, researchers can evaluate the metabolism, drug-drug interaction and toxicity of drug candidates in a cost-effective manner. 

As industry leaders in the development of hepatocyte technology and cryopreservation, BioreclamationIVT provides the greatest selection and the largest lot sizes of hepatocytes to aid in your research. To help you make the right decisions in your preclinical programs, we produce hepatocytes from all standard laboratory species, which can be used in cross comparisons of metabolism. Information on our animal hepatocyte offerings can be found in the Animal Biological section of our site. 

Human Hepatocyte Products

  • LiverPool™ Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes
  • LiverPool™ Human Hepatocytes
  • Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes
  • Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes
  • Fresh Human Hepatocytes

All hepatocytes are tested by Quality Control to provide researchers with the best product in the market. Each preparation must pass set criteria for release.  Hepatocytes are tested for viability and yield. Every vial yields 5 million cells or greater post-thaw. Enzyme characterization is performed on all cryopreserved hepatocyte lots.