HSA & Human Serum

Human Serum AB is collected from healthy male donors of the AB serotype.  Seralab Human AB is collected at FDA-licensed facilities in the USA.  Human AB material is available in two formats.  ‘Off Clot’ material is produced by allowing whole blood donations to clot naturally and the resulting serum extracted and processed.  Plasma-derived serum is produced by converting plasma collected from Human AB donors by plasmapherisis.  The plasma is then converted to serum by a process of defibrination.

All donor units are tested at the collection facility for viral markers in accordance with current FDA regulations and found to be non-reactive.  The final serum product also undergoes extensive quality control testing before release for distribution. Seralab offers two grades of material. Research Grade for process development and general applications, and Premium Grade offering increased traceability.



Human AB serum is suitable for use in the following applications:

  • As an alternative to foetal bovine serum (FBS) for transplantation and cell therapy applications. For example the expansion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from adipose tissue or mesenchymal stromal cells from human bone marrow
  • For standardized limbal epithelial stem cell graft generation and transplantation
  • For ex vivo expansion of NK cells from peripheral blood in Haematopoeitic Stem Cell Expansion Medium; and for upgrading pre-transplant human islet culture technology
  • A blocking agent for immunohistochemical staining procedures
  • A negative control in HLA tissue-typing applications
  • Tissue engineering


Key Benefits

  • Human AB serum is a vital cell culture reagent providing growth factors, vitamins and nutrients, as well as trace elements and transport factors ensuring a suitable environment for the propagation of a variety of human cell types.
  • Human AB has been proven to grow many human cell lines at a faster rate and with a smaller percentage of serum required than when using mixed blood human serum. This can also be reduced further by the application of specific cell culture media such as Yssel’s T Cell Medium (Code: GEM-400-102).
  • Our US sourced material using only Male AB donors meets the health requirements established by 21CFR 610.40 Chapter F, subpart E.
  • Human AB serum, converted from plasma, is an economical product and more widely available than off clot serum.