Cell Products & Isolation Services

Fast-Track Your Research with BioreclamationIVT’s Cell Processing Services

Having difficulty sourcing starting materials? Tried a cell isolation or expansion process only to yield
cultures of low cell number and varying purity? These and other challenges can be frustrating and slow
down your research. Look to BioreclamationIVT for catalog and custom cell preparations to eliminate
upstream variability and put your research on the fast-track to success.

Why Look to Us for Cell Processing Services:

  • Faster time-to-market by reducing the time and resources required for in-house isolations
  • Repeat and matched donor sets to ensure reproducible, reliable results
  • Tailored collection or patient screening procedures which deliver custom products to suit your needs
  • Access to over 100 IRB-approved collection sites to source tissue and primary cells from healthy, normal or disease state donors
  • Small and large scale isolation capabilities adaptable to all research scenarios
  • High-quality cells as a result of optimized procedures and rigorous testing criteria


Diverse Donor Pool
Our expansive network of collection sites allows us to provide tissue and primary cells from a variety of human and animal species:

  • Specific Gender and Ethnicity
  • Healthy or Disease-state donors,including:
    • Autoimmune
    • Oncology
    • Endocrine Disorders
    • Infectious Disease
    • And many more


  • Non-human primate
  • Rodent: Rat, Mouse, Guinea Pig
  • Canine & Feline
  • Minipig
  • Rabbit
  • Livestock

Each of our customers has unique specifications for the work they do and we can provide it in the format you need:

  • Fresh/Ready-to-use, cryopreserved, or non-viable frozen, pellets
  • Individual or pooled lots
  • Donor-matched cells
    • Plasma, serum, platelets and RBCs from same donor
    • Blood-typed matching
  • Purified cell populations:
    • B Cells (CD19+)
    • Monocytes (CD14+)
    • NK Cells (CD56+)
    • T Cells (CD4+, CD8+)
    • And many more

Each lot of cells is tested via flow cytometric analysis to meet the following criteria:

  • Guaranteed Cell Concentration
  • Target Cell Purity of ≥85%
  • Ready-to-Use, fresh cell viability or post-thawed viability of >70% (typically much higher)
  • All normal human samples are found negative for HBsAg, HIV 1/2 Ab, HCV Ab, HIV-1 RNA, HCV RNA and STS.

All samples are ethically sourced using IRB-approved consent procedures.