Immunology Tools

Our immunoglobulin (IgG) / (Ig) preparations are used for affinity columns, as blocking agents and normal controls in a variety of immunoassays. These immunoglobulins are isolated and purified from pooled normal animal or human sera by proprietary Protein A / Protein G/ Polyethylene Glycol or Ammonium Sulphate methods. Immunoglobulin are 95% to 97% pure as analyzed on SDS-page and are supplied in PBS with 0.05% sodium azide. For larger quantities please call to get a special quote. Also all products can be requested lyophilized.

Human Anti Mouse Antibody (HAMA)

Human Anti Mouse Antibody (HAMA) is derived from a proprietary Human Cell Line, and can be used as an alternative for serum samples that are positive for HAMA. You will no longer have to search for elevated serum samples that are “positive” for HAMA. You will know exactly what quantity and what HAMA immunoglobulins are interfering in your assay. You will now be able to empirically determine the extent of inference produced by Human Anti Mouse Antibody in any or all of your immunoassays. A stock solution of HAMA, added to a negative serum sample, can now be used to validate the HAMA interference in all your immunoassays.

Immunoglobulin Inhibiting Reagent (IIR) 

A unique reagent to prevent heterophilic antibody interference in immunoassays, Immunoglobulin Inhibiting Reagent (IIR) is a formulation of immunoglobulins that is specifically targeted against heterophilic antibodies to block their interference in immunoassays. IIR is not precipitated IgG. Because of it’s unique formulation and it’s purity (>96%), IIR may be used at extremely low concentrations without any effect on dilutions or recovery.

IIR has an extremely high binding affinity which enables it to inhibit the action of human heterophilic antibodies. The affinity value of human heterophilic antibodies is in the order of 106 Litres/Mol. Immunoglobulin Inhibiting Reagent (IIR) has a binding affinity which exceeds 109 Litres/Mol. This greatly enhanced binding affinity ensures that heterophilic interference is virtually eliminated. 

Whole Serum Immunoglobulins  

Whole serum immunoglobulins are prepared from normal sera using ammonium sulphate precipitation and ion exchange chromatography. These products contain at least 80% IgG at 10mg/mL and small amounts of IgA and IgM by densitometry. The product is an inexpensive source of IgG and is excellent for non-immune controls or blocking agents.

Human IgE (Monoclonal) 

This product is purified human IgE with kappa light chains produced in vitro from a monoclonal hybridoma.The purity of the human IgE is > 98%, tested by SDS-PAGE. As the IgE comes from a cell line, there is no contamination of antibodies of other isotypes.

Purified IgG  

These immunoglobulins of the IgG class are purified from normal sera by protein A/G chromatography using the mildest elution conditions to yield a highly purified IgG. For some species, ion exchange and other chromatographic steps are used. The products are at least 95% pure IgG, and sold at 1mg/mL concentration.