Purified Cell Populations

Cells from BioreclamationIVT are manufactured with optimized methods to ensure a high quality product with superior viability, purity and functionality.  Utilization of our cell products can yield a faster time-to-market as less time will be spent on sample preparation and leaving our clients to focus on more technically challenging end point assays.

Isolated cell populations are ideal for researchers looking to perform:

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Functional Cell-based Assays
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Cells can be isolated via positive or negative selection
  • Cell populations of interest include:
    • B Cells (CD19+)
    • Monocytes (CD14+)
    • NK Cells (CD56+)
    • T Cells (CD4+, CD8+)
    • Stem Cells (CD34+)
    • And many more…

Mononuclear cells from:

  • Bone Marrow
  • Cord Blood
  • Cord Tissue
  • Adipose Tissue
  • Additional immunological testing services
  • DNA/RNA Isolation of purified cell populations
  • Customized storage media
  • Incubation with stimulants