Product Types

Below is just sampling of the kind of matrices that BioreclamationIVT offers. Contact Customer Service if there something you are looking for that is not on this list. Our network site is extensive and in most cases we can find the sample required for your research.

Matrix Type:

Serum Bronchial Lavage
Plasma Saliva
Whole Blood Milk
PBMCs Nasal & Throat Swabs
Cerebrospinal Fluid Nasal Wash
Urine Biopsy Tissues

Bone Marrow

BioreclamationIVT can collect IRB approved delinked remnant specimens according to matrix type, as well as lab results:

RF / CRP / dsDNA ALT / AST D-Dimer
Growth Hormone Creatinine Toxoplasma
Sepsis HIV / HBV / HCV AFP
Bilirubin Total Protein Amylase
Troponin Glucose CKMB
Lipid Values PSA / CA 125 / CA 19-9 Creatinine
Free & Total T3 / T4 IgE / IgG PTH
TSH Cholesterol / HDL/ LDL Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Please note these lists are not all inclusive.