Diseased RNA & DNA

BioreclamationIVT provides a wide range of molecular extractions for genomic research including DNA extraction (genomic DNA) and RNA extraction (total RNA and mRNA). Standard protocols can be used to obtain genomic DNA and total RNA.  A wide range of commercially available DNA extraction and RNA extraction kits or custom protocols can be utilized to obtain samples for specific projects.

Each RNA extraction is analyzed on an Agilent 2100 and provided with a quality control report featuring an RNA Integrity Number (RIN). The Agilent 2100 software assigns an integrity number (0-10) to an RNA sample. The Agilent 2100 identifies the presence or absence of degradation of products and interprets the quality of the specimen. DNA quality is analyzed by gel electrophoresis.  Quantitation it performed by spectrophotometry (Nanodrop) and fluorometry (Qubit).  Careful qualitative and quantitative analysis will guarantee high quality specimens and yield high quality research results. 

Protein Lysates are extracted using a Modified RIPA Buffer protocol. Lysates can be custom produced from BioreclamationIVT’s tissues.