NEW Skin-derived Matrices for Safety, Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

Seralab is your One Resource for a complete range of animal and human biological tools needed to pursue new drug discovery and development. 

BioreclamationIVT_blood_serum We specialise in control and disease state matrices manufactured from human and animal whole blood, plasma and serum, which are used in drug discovery, compound development, clinical and research diagnostics. We can immediately add value to your drug discovery and preclinical development program by providing large lot of hepatocytes, other cell types, and subcellular fractions along with associated media. Seralab's products enable scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism of newly discovered compounds and the effects on disease processes.

    • Rat
      • Sprague Dawley
      • Wistar Hanover
      • Fisher 344
      • Lewis
      • Long Evans
    • Mouse
      • CD-1
      • BALB/c
      • C57BL/6
      • ICR
      • Swiss Webster
    • Guinea Pig
      • Hartley
    • Hamster
      • Golden Syrian
    • Ferret
      • Sable
    • Gerbil
      • Mongolian
    • Canine
      • Beagle
      • Mongrel
    • Feline
      • Domestic Short Hair
    • Mini-Pig
      • Gottingen
      • Hanford
      • Sinclair
      • Yucatan
    • Primates
      • Cynomolgus Monkey
      • Rhesus Monkey
      • African Green Monkey
      • Baboon
      • Cebus
      • Chimpanzee
      • Marmoset
      • Squirrel Monkey
    • Rabbit
      • New Zealand White
      • Dutch Belted
    • Livestock
      • Bovine
      • Chicken
      • Goat
      • Horse
      • Pig
      • Sheep
      • Turkey
    • Additional Species
      • Alligator
      • Chinchilla
      • Duck
      • Deer
      • Donkey
      • Frog
      • Goose
      • Opossum
      • Parakeet
      • Salmon
      • Trout
      • Woodchuck
      • Zebra Finch
SerumBone MarrowSaliva
PlasmaBreast MilkSemen
Whole BloodBronchial LavageSputum
PBMCsCerebrospinal FluidSynovial Fluid (lavage)
Red Blood CellsFecesTears
PlateletsGastric FluidThroat Swabs
Amniotic FluidNasal SwabsVaginal Fluid
Aqueous HumorNasal WashVitreous Humor


Matrix Type:

SerumBronchial Lavage
Whole BloodMilk
PBMCsNasal & Throat Swabs
Cerebrospinal FluidNasal Wash
UrineBiopsy Tissues

Patient Populations:

Oncology | Hematology Leukemias 
Carcinomas Solid Tumor | Metastatic 
Autoimmune | RheumatologyCrohn’s Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Lupus Nephritis Multiple Sclerosis
Osteoporosis Polymyositis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogrens Syndrome
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Ulcerative Colitis
CardiovascularAtrial Fibrillation
Atherosclerosis Congestive Heart Failure
Coronary Disease
High Cholesterol
DermatologyAtopic Dermatitis
Skin Cancer
EndocrinologyType I & II Diabetes
Diabetic Neuropathy
Growth Hormone Deficiency
Gastroenterology  Celiac Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Gastroesophageal Reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Infectious DiseaseHepatitis
NephrologyChronic Kidney Disease
End Stage Renal Disease
NeurologyAlzheimer’s Disease
Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
OpthalmologyWet & Dry AMD
Retinal Vein Occlusion
Cystic Fibrosis
Normal Controls  Pediatric Normals
Adult & Elderly Normals
Vaccine Recipients
Pregnancy Donors

Please note these lists are not all inclusive.  
Please contact us if your study requires other sample types.

Human Hepatocyte Products

  • LiverPool™ Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes 
  • LiverPool™ Human Hepatocytes 
  • Cryoplateable Human Hepatocytes 
  • Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes 
  • Fresh Human Hepatocytes

Human Subcellular Products

  • InVitroCYP™ 150-Donor Human Liver Microsomes 
  • InVitroCYP™ H-Class Human Liver Microsomes 
  • InVitroCYP™ M-Class Human Liver Microsomes 
  • Human Microsomes – Other Tissues 
  • Human Liver S9

Animal Hepatocyte Products

  • Cryoplateable Animal Hepatocytes 
  • Cryopreserved Animal Hepatocytes 
  • Fresh Animal Hepatocytes

Animal Subcellular Products

  • Animal Liver Microsomes & S9 
  • Induced Sprague-Dawley Rat Microsomes & S9

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA or Fraction V)

  • Fraction V - Standard Grade
  • Fraction V - Protease-Free Grade
  • Fraction V - Low-Endotoxin Grade
  • Fraction V - Serum Replacement
  • Fraction V - Low-IgG Grade
  • Fraction V - Molecular Biology Grade
  • Fraction V - Fatty Acid-Free Grade
  • Fraction V - Cohn
  • Fraction V - Low-Electrolyte Grade
  • Fraction V - Solution (30%)
  • Fraction V - High Polymer (BSA) Solution

Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS)

  • FBS Standard Grade
  • FBS Heat Inactivated
  • FBS Gamma Irradiated
  • FBS Dialysed
  • FBS Charcoal: Dextran Stripped Serum
  • FBS Tetracycline Negative
  • FBS Low IgG
  • FBS Embryonic Stem Cell pre-tested
  • FBS Insect Qualified
  • FBS Delipidated
  • FBS Seralab Select
  • FBS Enhanced

Human AB Serum

  • GemCell Human Serum AB, Plasma Derived
  • Human Serum AB, Off the Clot
  • Matched oncology sets
    • Tumor
    • Normal adjacent tissue (NAT)
    • Metastasized lymph nodes
  • Surgical diseased tissues
  • Post mortem diseased tissue
  • Flash frozen in liquid nitrogen
  • Tissue Sectioning
    • FFPE slides & curls
    • Frozen slides & curls
    • H&E stained & unstained
    • OCT embedding
  • Molecular Extraction
    • DNA
    • cDNA
    • RNA
    • mRNA
    • Protein
    • Customer supplied protocol
  • Tissue Microarrays
  • PBMCs, CPT, Buffy Coat, Leukomax™
  • Fresh/Ready-to-use, cryopreserved, or non-viable frozen, pellets
  • Individual or pooled lots
  • Donor-matched cells
    • Plasma, serum, platelets and RBCs from same donor
    • Blood-typed matching
  • Purified cell populations:
    • B Cells (CD19+)
    • Monocytes (CD14+)
    • NK Cells (CD56+)
    • T Cells (CD4+, CD8+)
    • And many more